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Frequently asked questions

Get started - wireless card terminal

Charge the terminal before usage by placing it on the docking station you find in your starter kit. Charge the terminal until fully charged (up to 7 hours) to obtain maximum battery life.

Start the terminal by pressing OK. Check that there is a signal on the left side of the display. The bars indicates signal strength and check the network operator to secure network connection.

Get started - stationary card terminal

Connect the Ethernet cable to your internet router and connect the power cable to the terminal. Check your network symbol (three small squares) is green in the top middle on the display.

If the network icon is green means the terminal has internet connection.

If the is no network symbol, the terminal is not connected to the internet.

If the network icon is white, the terminal is connected to the internet, but not receiving signals to connect. Contact your network supplier or support as this is an internal network problem. For further instructions, please find our manual in the starter kit.

I didn't receive my payout

A delayed in your payouts, is usually due to an error in the overnight file delivery of transaction data. The errors are detected and corrected directly but unfortunately this can lead to a slight delay in our payout to our customers with 1-2 days.

What does my credit note mean?

A credit note is matched against the original invoice. If you received a credit note, for example, on a terminal invoice, you deduct that amount when you pay the original invoice. Use the OCR number of the original invoice.

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