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Going to a restaurant, cafe or bar should be an experience for all your customers' senses. At Bambora we help you create a payment solution that preserves that experience even when it's time to pay the bill.

Our solutions


Smart card terminals
  • Smart card terminals
  • Easier to grow
  • Perfect for franchise
  • Solutions for new demands

Terminals for every need

You choose terminal type after your business needs, wireless or stationary terminals that can either be stand-alone or integrated with your POS system. All our terminals are equipped to handle quicker payments through contactless cards and mobile payment solutions like Apple Pay.

Features like individual cashier ID:s and "tipping" are standard functionalities in our terminals, which makes them perfect for restaurants and bars. If you have many tourists or foreign customers the opportunity to let them pay in their own currency is possible with our dynamic currency exchange.

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Simple installation makes it easier to grow

Bambora's packaged solution, with both card terminals and acquiring agreement, is perfect for restaurants looking to grow and expand to new locations. You simply order a number of new terminals and have them added to your current agreement.

The terminals arrive entirely preconfigured and you only have to unpack them and plug them in to start accepting payments. Bambora is the only point of contact, one contract and supplier for all your payments facilitates your everyday work, so you can focus on growing your business.

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Payments have never been easier

Bambora has extensive experience as a payment partner for franchise based restaurants. By setting up a framework agreement with us for terminals and acquiring, we make it easier for new franchisees to quickly get up and running with their payments solutions.

Our effective 24 hour onboarding makes the process of opening up new franchise restaurants both easier, quicker and smoother.

Innovative payment methods for tomorrow

In the constant strive to create better customer experiences in the restaurant industry, new innovative payments methods is a must. Shorter queues, less waiting and faster checkouts are some of the needs of today's customers. Bambora has helped several customers within this segment to develop new solutions to meet the needs of today's customers.

Development of integrated payment solutions for ordering apps have shown to both reduce lines, improve customer satisfaction and increase sales. From experience we know the industry's challenges and have a great willingness to develop new solutions and technology. Together we create the payment method of tomorrow.

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