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Make it easy to be safe


VaultIQ makes it easy to store and handle card data securely. By using tokenization, VaultIQ makes sure that all card information is kept safe, while also saving you the burden of having to comply with the most rigorous PCI requirements.

With VaultIQ we have made it easy for you to handle card data in accordance with the highest security standards. Through end-to-end encryption and tokenization, Vault IQ makes sure that you can safely process payments from any Payment Service Provider, without having to handle the actual card information.

This means that companies who use PaymentIQ and VaultIQ can route payments to any acquirer without being tied to one payment service provider, and card data can be safely shared between acquirers. At the same time, all merchant systems, including PaymentIQ, remain outside of the scope of the most demanding PCI requirements. Thanks to VaultIQ, processing card payments safely, on any market, has never been easier.


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