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Take control of your payments


With just one integration, PaymentIQ lets you handle all your payment providers in the same interface and allows you to add new providers easily and quickly. The platform’s unique rules engine and intelligent routing capabilities increase acceptance rates and help to detect fraud, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

PaymentIQ is the result of our long experience building tailored payment solutions for the iGaming industry. From that experience, we know that flexible and intelligent payment solutions make a big difference to your bottom line, and that is exactly what PaymentIQ delivers.

With a one-time integration, PaymentIQ gives you access to every common payment solution on the market from the same interface, as well as supporting all currencies. All major credit cards and e-wallets are supported, as well as automated online bank transfers, mobile payments, invoicing and more.

PaymentIQ makes it easy to handle a wide variety of different payment methods and eliminates the need for new integrations when expanding into new markets. Thanks to our PCI/DSS Level 1 certification all merchant systems are kept outside of the scope of the most onerous PCI requirements.

How it works

Once integrated, PaymentIQ allows you to set up customized rules that maximize acceptance rates by governing how payments are routed. These rules can be based on any available data and can be used to route certain types of customers or transactions to specific Payment Service Provider (PSPs), increasing your acceptance rates and lowering your fees. PaymentIQ also lets you set up intelligent failover routing that re-routes transactions to another PSP if it is declined by the first choice.

From our back-office, you get an easy and intuitive way to view, handle and analyze all your transactions. Rules-based withdrawal approval automation also allows you to free up resources, although handling withdrawal approval manually is also possible. Our built-in analytics gives you a wide-angle visibility on your payments activities.

PaymentIQ’s unique and advanced rules engine can even be used to reduce fraud. By using both general and customized fraud rules, PaymentIQ quickly alerts you of any suspected fraud as well as other processing issues. In addition, the platform is integrated with leading KYC providers that help protect you by verifying the identity of your users.


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