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Accelerating growth and expansion


Mr Green are speeding up their expansion into new markets with the help of PaymentIQ.

Mr Green online casino (Mr Green Ltd) was founded at the end of 2007 by three Swedish entrepreneurs; Fredrik Sidfalk, Henrik Bergquist and Mikael Pawlo. All three had extensive experience from internet startups and gaming ventures.

In the first year of operation, Mr Green was named the highest ranking gaming company on Internetworld’s top 100-list*. This has continued and in 2014, mrgreen.com was awarded best online casino operator for the third consecutive year at The International Gaming Awards in London. Mr Green is today one of Europe’s leading online casinos and has also expanded their operations outside of Europe as far as Canada.

To fully understand how Bambora helps Mr Green fulfil its performance targets, we asked Ian Bradbury, former Payments Development Manager; and Bo Wänghammar, CEO at the time, for their view of the partnership and how it has evolved throughout the relationship.

"We realised we needed a flexible platform that would scale according to our need to grow rapidly and efficiently in new markets, and this led us to implement PaymentIQ"


"How did the cooperation with Bambora start?

“As we continued to expand, we recognised that the solution we had in place before we started to work with Bambora was not meeting our growing needs, says Bo Wränghammar. The site management platform we use is not as focused on the payment process as we would have liked, and the integration of each new payment processing method required substantial development work on the site’s backend. We realised we needed a flexible platform that would scale according to our need to grow rapidly and efficiently in new markets, and this led us to implement PaymentIQ, which is now integrated into our platform and works as a payment bridge to all the different payment methods in our various markets around the world.”

Ian Bradbury, with the new payment platform in place, has PaymentIQ addressed Mr Green’s objectives and requirements in this area?

“Undoubtedly yes. PaymentIQ has enabled us to increase the speed at which we can enter new markets, and enabled us to move quickly from the decision process to implementation, helping us to integrate additional new payment methods more quickly. In addition, we have also seen a 10 percent increase in acceptance rates in our existing markets, which provides not only a better customer experience, but has also stimulated a significant and welcome revenue increase from our established player base.”

From a customer perspective, did the project run smoothly? How did Bambora help to facilitate the process?

“From the beginning Bambora were very responsive to our needs, and demonstrated a sound technical proficiency along with a proactive mindset, anticipating and solving any issues that arose as quickly as possible. On an ongoing basis, we also feel we can rely on Bambora to incorporate the latest technology into the platform, and as the relationship has developed, our interactions have become even more fluid as Bambora help us to overcome any challenges that may present themselves.”

In Mr. Green’s quest for taking on the world, what is your next natural step?

“All joking aside, we are now increasing our presence in regulated markets and have been granted a licence in the UK, which after Italy, is the second market in which Mr Green has received a local licence. Additional expansion in new markets is high on the agenda and we expect great things in the future from Bambora to help us achieve this growth through the constant development of their payment platform, PaymentIQ" says Bo Wränghammar.


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