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Casumo pays your prize money same day


The gaming company, or entertainment company if you ask founder and CEO Oscar Simonsson started in 2O12 and is now one of the fastest growing gaming companies ever. Thanks to PaymentIQ they now pay out prize money the same day, leading to more loyal customers.

What is Casumo in your own words Oscar?

“Our ambition is to be an entertainment entity and be perceived as modern and pro­gressive from a usability perspective and in terms of social gaming. Most actors in the industry are fully focused on acquiring new customers and no one seems to pay much attention to servicing them in a good way after they have become customers.”

“The lifespan of an online customer is approximately three months. If we can increase that to twelve months, we have created an opportunity for profitability. This is why Casumo is fully focused on creating the very best customer experience which is achieved through a modern loyalty program, including your own avatar in different virtual worlds and rewards based on number of logins, game time and so forth. We compete for our customers´ time, when someone is up for playing online casino, we want that person to think of Casumo as the natural starting point!”

Why did you choose PaymentIQ as the solution for paying out rewards and prizes?

“We searched for a robust and secure payment platform for our business. DevCode has a solution which feels reliable and stable making us feel safe in going with PaymentIQ.”

What is the verdict, how has PaymentIQ performed so far?

“Uptime is naturally the most important factor and since the start over a year ago, Casumo has always been accessible, which means we have been able to serve our customers with uninterrupted deposits and withdrawal. The reason why Svenska Spel (Swedish state-run gaming entity) is so popular are customers’ trust in the company from a payment perspective. The risk of not being paid by Svenska Spel is non-existent. Our vision is that customers view Casumo in the same way, and thanks to PaymentIQ, we are well on our way. We have completed payments from SEK 100 000 in half an hour up to SEK 1 000 000 within a day from the customer’s request. The system have no upward limitations, allowing us to pay out even greater sums in the future if needed. PaymentIQ is definitely a key factor in our positive customer ratings and retention.”


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