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Online payment services for e-commerce


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    Everything you need to get paid online in the same package.

  • Easy integration

    Get going quickly, on any e-commerce platform.

  • High conversion rates

    Smart features and responsive design leads to more business.

  • Transparent pricing

    A simpler price plan with no start-up fee and no lock-in periods.

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Bambora Checkout


Checkout Demo
  • Checkout Demo
  • Acquiring
  • Easy integration
  • Mobile payments
  • Recurring payments
  • Easy administration

See our checkout solution.

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An acquiring agreement for all your needs

Worldline is one of the leading acquirers in Europe and offers secure, daily payouts to your corporate account, no matter what bank you have. Most often you get your money the following day.

Through an acquiring agreement with Worldline, you get support for over 100 different currencies and can receive card payments from Visa, Mastercard and Maestro.

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Get started in under an hour

Integrating Bambora Checkout is easy. All you need to do is add a few lines of code or install one of our plug-ins. All updates are done automatically.

In our developer portal you can find the technical documentation you need to integrate Bambora Checkout to your online store. We have plug-ins available for all the biggest e-commerce platforms and thanks to our open API it's also easy to build your own integration.

Go to the Developer Portal
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Let customers pay with their phones

Bambora Checkout is built to accept the most popular mobile payment solutions on the Nordic markets. Swedish customers can pay with Swish, Danish customers with Mobile Pay and Norwegian customers with Vipps. For your customers from outside of the Nordics you can also offer payments through Masterpass.

That way, you increase both the flexibility for your customers and your conversion rate.

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Ideal for subscription services

If you offer subscription services on your online store, Bambora Checkout is a perfect choice. All card information is stored safely, and money can be withdrawn regularly from the customer's account.

Customers also have the choice to save their card information when they use Bambora Checkout. That way, their card information is already filled out in any online store that uses Bambora Checkout, leading to higher conversion rates.

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Take control and reduce administration

Our online portal, Bambora Reports, gives you a clear overview of all your transactions, payouts and customer data. You can search for and examine individual transactions and download smart reports that give you new insights into your business.

Through the portal you can easily change the appearance of your checkout window. If you need to share information about your transactions with accountants or employees, you can also create new users and control their access to different views.

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Price plans suited for your online business

Standard - accept various payment methods

  • No start-up fee

  • No lock-in period

  • Invoice payments

  • Mobile payments

  • Contact sales
Tailored - for complex and global needs

Omni solution

For companies that need payment solutions for multiple channels

  • We put together the right solution for your business

  • Tailor-made payment solutions for each channel

  • Both in-store and online

  • Seamless and integrated omnichannel experience

  • Read more here and contact us

Easy to integrate

We have ready-to-go plug-ins for all the most popular e-commerce platforms

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  • Asset 5

Online payments - a vital part in digitizing healthcare


Praktikertjänst, Sweden's biggest private healthcare provider is making a big push into online services. Together, we strive to create the optimal customer experience online.
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