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With Worldline, it is easy to accept card payments, regardless of channel. You get everything you need, from card terminal to acquiring agreement, in the same package.

Read more about Worldline's offers to you as a Nordea customer below or fill in the form directly and we will call you and tell you more.


Bambora One

Acquiring agreement and payment solution for physical payments.

Card terminal fee

from 25€ /month

Transaction fee

from 1,45%

Start-up fee


Binding period

24 months

  • One agreement for acquiring agreement and payment solution.

  • Choose between a stationary or a wireless card terminal.

  • Settlements the next banking day.

  • Simple overview and reporting with Bambora Reports.

Bambora Acceptance

Only acquiring agreement – accept card payments in all channels (instore, online, mobile) from the world’s largest card schemes: Visa, Mastercard and Maestro.

  • Accept card payments both online and instore.

  • Accept payments from over 100 different currencies.

  • Settlements the next banking day.

  • Simple overview and reporting with Bambora Reports.

Bambora Device

Only payment solution – card terminals for physical payments. Choose between a stationary, wireless or integrated terminal. Read more about the terminals below.

  • Fast, secure and easy-to-use card terminal.

  • Choose between a stationary or a wireless card terminal.

  • Settlements the next banking day.

  • Has functions for Cashier ID, tips, DCC and automatic close batch.


Desk 5000

Stand-alone & stationary

Suitable for stores where you accept payments at a checkout counter.

Move 5000

Stand-alone & wireless

Suitable for businesses where you need to accept payments in different places, the receipt is printed in the terminal.

Lane 3000

Integrated & stationary

A stationary terminal that is integrated to you cashier.

Why Worldline?

We believe that payments should be simple. Therefore, we have removed complicated pricing models, hidden fees and various agreements that were long synonymous with card payments.

With Worldline, you can either get a complete solution for your card payments or stand-alone solutions for card terminals or card acquiring. No matter what you choose, our solutions are easy to get started with, easy to use, and you always know exactly what you are paying for. Read more about acquiring agreement with Nordea here.

Bambora Reports

Simple reporting tool

Bambora Reports is an easy-to-use reporting tool that gives you full control of your payments. By logging in to the portal, you get an overview of all transactions and payments. You can also search for and review individual transactions or transaction types.

Via the portal, you can also download settlement-, close batch-, clearing-, tips-, and monthly reports that can give you new insights and help you develop your business.

Free support 6 days a week


Once you have become a customer with us, you have free support 6 days a week. You can always reach us by phone, email or in our chat! You have one contact for all your questions.

If you need to contact our support right now, you can call 09 315 825 56 (menu option 2), or email us at support@bambora.com.

Currency conversion

Let foreign customers pay in their own currency

With our dynamic currency conversion service, you make it easier for your foreign customers by letting them pay in their own currency.

When the customer pays, we check which currency the customer's card is connected to and the terminal then shows the amount in both currencies. If the customer chooses to pay in their own currency, Worldline takes over the currency exchange from the customer's bank and offers a competitive exchange rate.

Short-term rental

Short-term rent terminals

If you need to accept payments for a shorter period of time, for example at a trade fair, festival or in a pop-up shop, our short-term rental is perfect for you. You get everything you need in a simple and affordable package.


1. Place your order

We contact you and help you to become a customer, quickly and completely digitally.

2. We send the package

Usually you have your package within only 24 hours. After that you can start to accept payments.

3. We settle the money to your account

Worldline settles the money for all your card transactions to your company account on a daily basis.


If you want to get in touch with us directly, call us on 09 315 825 56 or email myynti.tuki@bambora.com.
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