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Visa to modify acquirer service fees

Hero Visa Hero Visa Placehoder
23 OCTOBER 2019

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Effective 25 January 2020, Visa will modify its acquirer service fees for both card-present and card-not-present transactions.

Card-present transactions

The current “Visa Acquirer Association Fee”,set at 1 bps on debit transactions and 1,4 bps on credit transactions, will be modified and renamed to “Visa Acquirer Card-Present Service Fee”. This modified fee will only apply on Instore transactions (CP) and will vary by country, ranging from 1 - 4 bps on Debit cards and 1,4 - 4,5 bps on Credit cards.

Card-not-present transactions

From January 25 2020, the current “Visa Europe E-com Fee” and “Visa Europe MOTO Fee” will be renamed as “Visa Acquirer Card-Not-Present Service Fee”. These current fees of 1 bps will also be increased to 2,8 bps for debit transactions and 3,3 bps for credit transactions (excluding domestic transactions in Israel, Turkey and Switzerland where 2 bps is charged for Debit and 2,4 bps for Credit). Previously, the “Visa Acquirer Association Fee” was applied on both card-present and card-not-present transactions.