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Payment innovation for Norway's dentists

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15 NOVEMBER 2019

Together with Optin Bank and Fair Group, Bambora recently signed an agreement with Opus Systemer to provide a new payment solution to 1 250 Norwegian dentist clinics. The goal of the payment solution is to provide more flexibility and convenience for patients, while also reducing costs for clinics.

Opus Systemer is the leading provider of Dental Health Record Systems in the Nordics and currently cover 96 percent of the Norwegian market. With this new payment solution, Opus are hoping to increase flexibility and convenience for patients, while also improving operations and saving money for the clinics.

“Our ambition to constantly advance our offering to our customer base is high. This agreement is a major push for innovation and should be seen as a signal to the market that we were not satisfied with the pace of innovation from the payment industry”, says Lasse Moe, CEO of Opus Systemer.

By joining forces, Opus, Optin Bank, Bambora and Fair Group have now created a secure and flexible payment solution that covers all the operational, financial and accounting needs of dental clinics.

When implemented, the new solution will allow patients to choose between card payments, invoice, deferred payment and the mobile payment solution Vipps. As an example of the added flexibility, the new solution will allow patients to pay for their treatments from home using only their phones. The solution will also cover all the clinics’ needs when it comes to things like reporting, secure handling of patient data and integrations to accounting.

“We have experts on the team with a long history from systems and dental health and with this understanding, we have tailored the solution to fit the operational needs of the clinics and developed an end-to-end value chain for payment and communications specifically catering to the needs of the dental sector. In addition, we do this with best in class terms for patients and clinics, offering the best total value for all parties. With Fair Group onboard we are able to offer a complete invoice and collections solution where the patient is the most important player”, says Harald Dahl Pedersen, CEO of OptinBank.

Bambora’s role in this partnership will be to provide the payment gateway and acquiring for the clinics’ card payments. According to Peter Nilsson, Managing Director of Bambora Nordics, this cooperation is a great example of how payment innovations can improve both efficiency and customer experience.

“By combining expertise in dental healthcare and payments we’ve created a great, tailored solution that saves money and makes life easier for both the dentists and the patients.”