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A smart service for foreign customers


With Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC), your customers can choose, directly in the terminal, whether they want to pay in the local currency or in their own currency. Worldline then takes over the currency exchange from the customer's bank and provides an updated, competitive exchange rate. For the customer, it will be easier to know exactly how much the purchase is.

If you have a lot of foreign customers in your store, dynamic currency conversion can be an appreciated service. The customer receives a guaranteed exchange rate and knows exactly how much the purchase is for. It also makes it easier for business travelers to report expenses as they get receipts in their own currency. As a merchant, however, you always get paid in your local currency.

How it works

  • When the customer puts their card in the card terminal, Worldline checks what currency the card is linked to. The customers will then be able to see the amount in both their own currency and in the local currency and can choose which currency the purchase will be made in.
  • If the customer chooses to pay in his or her own currency the purchase is carried out like any other card transaction. Worldline then conducts the actual currency exchange and sends the transaction in the selected currency to the customer's bank. As a merchant you get paid in your local currency just as usual.

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