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Incident Message March 23, 2021

23 MARCH, 2021

2 minuuttia luettu

On March 23, 2021, a marketing email was sent by mistake to faulty recipients. This was a human error and we are deeply sorry for this. At Bambora, we take pride in security and data privacy and we take these matters extremely seriously.

What has happened?

A marketing email was supposed to be sent out to our existing, active customers which currently have an instore solution with us in Denmark. The recipient list was based on these criteria and was uploaded to our marketing automation system. Our marketing automation system is directly connected to our CRM-system. If you have been a lead or in contact with us previously, your data has been saved in our CRM-system. Important to note that the personal data used for marketing purposes is being used according to our Privacy Policy. Your personal data is not stored in our marketing automation system and we do not use your data to send marketing emails if you have not opted in.

Instead of sending the email to the predefined list, the email was sent to all contacts in our CRM-system who have not opted out. This happened due to a human error and resulted in that the email was sent to faulty recipients.

We detected the mistake immediately and were able to stop the email while it was being sent out, meaning we minimized the damage. For you who received the email before we stopped it, we are very sorry.

What are we doing to stop this from happening again?

In order for this to not happen again, we will ensure that the correct steps are being taken when uploading the recipient lists for future email send outs.

Nothing has changed in terms of your privacy settings. If you have opted out previously, or do opt out now, you will not receive marketing emails in the future. We are taking action to ensure nothing like this can happen again and we promise to always secure the correct connection going forward.

We are so sorry

Please rest assure that by receiving the marketing email, you have not been added to our marketing database, and you will not receive any marketing emails in the future. You can view our Privacy Policy here. We take these matters extremely seriously and we deeply apologize for this. We assure you that it won’t happen again.

If you have any further questions, or wish to receive more information regarding how we handle your data, we are here to help. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at or +358 9 315 82 555.

Best regards,