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Our payment platform for large-scale and global online businesses allow you to be in charge. You can add new payment alternatives with the click of a button, increase your conversion rates, reduce fraud and automate reconciliation. Market expansion has never been easier.

The online gaming industry has long been at the cutting edge of payments. Based on our long experience from that indsutry, we have created an unique payment platform that solves the challenges of global payments, regardless of what industry you are in.

Our platform consists of three solutions. Together they create a complete ecosystem for businesses with large volumes of international transactions. You get secure and quick access to all the payment alternatives you need and advanced tools to help you increase conversion rates and prevent fraud.

Payment platform


  • PaymentIQ
  • AccountIQ
  • VaultIQ

All payment alternatives in one

With a one-time integration, PaymentIQ gives you access to over 200 card acquirers and over 160 alternative payment providers from all over the world. Adding new payment providers is easily done with the click of a button, making it easy to provide new markets with their preferred payment methods.

PaymentIQ is also equipped with an intelligent rules engine that allows you to route your payments to increase acceptance rates and prevent fraud.

Spend your time on what matters

AccountIQ is an automated reconciliation tool that is perfect for large scale online businesses. Automatic and daily reconciliations help you to reduce risk and lower costs.

AccountIQ also provides your finance team with insights, while reducing the amount of manual labor, which gives them time to focus on what's important.

Make security hasselfree

VaultIQ is the smart and easy way to keep your customer's card information safe. By using tokenization, you never have to handle your customer's actual card information and you are kept out of the scope of most demanding PCI security requirements.

By combining VaultIQ and PaymentIQ you are free to route payments to any card acquirer, without being tied to a specific payment provider, while your customer's card data is kept safe throughout the process.

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