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With Payment Performance, we are building the card acquirer of tomorrow. We unleash the untapped potential of our customer's payment data and help them to increase conversion rates, lower costs and prevent fraud.

Payment Performance


Increase conversion rates
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Optimise costs
  • Prevent fraud

Increase number of approved transactions

As an acquirer we have access to all the relevant data about your approved transactions and those authorisations that are declined by the card issuing banks. By analysing that data we can gain new insights into why legitimate transactions are declined and find ways to prevent this.

Simply put, we help you accept a higher number of payments by understanding how your payments can be handled in a more effective way, throughout the whole ecosystem.

Lower your interchange fees

By gaining a better understanding of your customer's transactions, we can optimise the handling of your payments and thereby lower the fees levied by the card networks.

Global e-commerce and airlines, for example, can drastically decrease costs by routing their transactions so that they are handled as local rather than international. Through Payment Performance we help many international companies to do just that.

Keep one step ahead

In the constant fight against fraud, your payment data can be a valuable tool for both detection and prevention. We can analyse your authorisations, acceptance rates and the reason for declined transactions in order to discover patterns that can indicate large scale and organized fraud attempts.

We monitor and analyse all suspicious activity to find patterns in the fraudsters approach. That way, you don't have to wait for the fraud to be reported before you set in countermeasures.

How payment data can increase acceptance rates


Thanks to unique payment data and close cooperation with banks and card networks, Bambora finds new way to prevent payments being declined unnecessarily.
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