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Why Worldline?


Why choose Worldline?

We get it. There are so many payment options out there, why choose one over the other? At Worldline, the “why” is what sets us apart. We are not another payment provider that will get you up and running, only to not be there when you need us most.

We are partners, your number one cheerleaders. We are there to celebrate the good times, and to help you through those not-so-good times. As a good partner should, we are here to grow with you on your journey. With a diverse suite of payment and fraud tools, Worldline is for everyone, from smaller businesses to well-established enterprises.

If you're looking for a provider who can scale as you grow, and not just a temporary fix, you’ve landed in the right place. Welcome to Worldline, your Partner in Payments. Allow us to introduce you to our team.


Business Development
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  • Integration Specialist
  • Product Team
  • Marketing Team
  • Customer Care

Your Business Development Director has their ear to the ground, tracking new markets and emerging trends that are the right fit for your business. They will recommend new products and services, as well as propose and develop new strategic partnerships. Your business development director will work with you to develop a game plan that guides your long-term objectives to meet the needs of your business.

Your Account Manager is your first point of contact, watching over your accounts and clients to ensure everything is running smoothly. Whether it’s boarding your customers, optimizing transaction approvals, increasing payments versatility, dealing with any unforeseen issues, and a heap of other things, your account manager is your go-to for everything.

Our Integration Specialist acts as an extension of your development team ensuring a smooth, speedy, and secure integration into our platform. With years of experience merging systems together, and a legacy of knowledge that dates back to the beginning of e-commerce, you can feel confident that your integration will be a breeze, regardless of your existing applications or software.

The product team has one vision: to make payments easier for our users. Know when new features will be released, and how they benefits your business.

To further support you throughout your payments journey, the marketing team will provide you with additional training and resources to educate you and your staff on payments. Become your own payments expert, with recommendations on how to relay your payments messaging to your clients.

Well-versed and knowledgeable about our payment stack, Customer Care is here to assist you with everything from forgotten passwords to back office usage. With fast and meaningful responses, you can find peace of mind knowing that whatever question you might have, someone will work their hardest to find an answer. Did we mention they speak French and English, and are available by phone? With multiple channels available, you can choose how you want to receive support whether that is by phone, email, or documentation.



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Nothing is an issue. It's always 'how can we make this easy for you?'.


Your employees interact with me as if they are the owners - care is definitely a big part of 'customer care' - Deborah Hick

Felt like I was talking to a friend and not a robot.


Mats Baribeau, iRaceAutoSports

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