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Payments to strengthen your software


Developing sports management or registration software starts with a love for the game. By adding a payment solution that can scale as you grow, you strengthen the payment process for your clients, reducing member churn and administrative time.

Sports Management

Reduce friction, by creating a nimble onboarding experience tailored to your sports management software.

Sports Leagues

Empower clubs and leagues with a payment process that’s streamlined, offering multiple payment types.

Sports Memberships

Simplify the membership process by setting up recurring payments, using credit cards or EFT.

Our Team Becomes Yours
  • Our Team Becomes Yours
  • Recurring Billing
  • Support All Acquirers
  • Easy Onboarding

The team to help you handle payments

Stay up-to-date on everything payments with a dedicated account manager who acts as your very own payment consultant. An integration specialist will ensure you experience a smooth setup and integrate quickly to our platform. Like a good teammate, the support you need is always available when you need it most.

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Recurring payments for memberships and registrations

People want to play, but don’t always remember to pay. With recurring billing you ensure your clients get paid continuously, without having to chase members. The members can simply pay using their credit card or by electronic funds transfer.

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Enable payment acceptance for all players

You want your software to be as inclusive as the sport programs you support. Our gateway supports a wide range of processors. If your clients are already processing payments, they can keep their existing merchant account. With the increase in control and flexibility, any changes to your clients’ merchant accounts can be made quickly and hassle-free.

What is bank agnostic & why it matters?

Your clients will be accepting payments in no time

Once programs are up and running, your clients will need to take payments right away. Get them set up without delay using a streamlined onboarding process. Maintain the look and feel of your brand for mobile and online applications with a straightforward sign-up flow. Your clients will be able to take dues and membership payments in as little as 24 hours.

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Finding the right balance between automation and growing operations takes time to perfect. Read how Uplifter took an onboarding process that normally takes clubs 2-6 weeks to complete, and reduced it into a few steps.
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You might be wondering how payments can simplify your platform. Our sports management expert can give you the play-by-play of how Worldline can help in just 10-15 minutes. Contact him today.