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Smarter payments, smarter software


A flexible payments integration that equips you with the tools to service educators and parents alike.

K-12 Management

Provide schools with a practical and reliable payment system to cover everything from lunch programs to field trips.

College Software

Simplify payments for colleges and universities by using payments as an extension of your software.

Credit Cards & ACH
  • Credit Cards & ACH
  • Easy Payments Onboarding
  • Recurring Billing
  • Secure Payment Profiles
  • Our API Suite

A comprehensive payment solution

Outdated cash and check processes are hard to keep track of. They can also put the pressure on the student to make sure the payment makes it to school, not to mention the valuable administration time they take up for educators. Credit cards and ACH payments are simple and affordable for both parents and schools, taking the load off of children and streamlining the process.

Payment types that matter

Speed up the onboarding process

A big decider for schools to sign up for payments is the time commitment. You can have your clients signed up for payments acceptance in less than 10 minutes with our digital onboarding features. Choose an onboarding process that makes sense for your business with the Hosted Screens or Onboarding API. Plus, our comprehensive underwriting program shifts customer liability off of you and onto us, further simplifying the process.

Why faster onboarding matters

A secure and repeatable payment experience

Provide schools with the ability to bill on the basis that fits them best. Recurring billing is perfect for monthly payments like lunch programs or field trips, as well as larger payments such as tuition and fees.

How does recurring billing work?

Data protection and storage

Eliminate the need to ask for payment information every time a payment is needed. Our Secure Payment Profiles can store confidential payment information with the utmost security, to be used whenever it is required.

What is a Secure Payment Profile?

An invisible integration to maintain brand consistency

You can have us become completely invisible when you integrate with our API suite. Have complete control over the entire payment experience, including onboarding, payment acceptance, and reporting. The flexibility of our APIs allows you to maintain a consistent experience throughout every interaction of your software.

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For every school feature, there is an app for that


With Easy School’s online applications, schools deal directly with the software while their payments run seamlessly in the background.
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Education management software payment trends


The payment landscape in education software is changing quickly. We did our homework and found the most relevant trends. It’s all here in this report.
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Educating your customers on payments isn’t your job - it’s ours. Our education expert Chris can help you understand the value of bringing payments to your software. Let’s simplify payments for schools together.