The basics: standard with any account

Address Verification Services will match the address the customer provided to the address on record with the credit card company.

3D Secure will send the cardholder to a payment form hosted by Visa, Mastercard, or Amex where they use their password to make the payment.

Card Verification Values (CVV) confirms the customer has the physical card by matching the CVV provided to what is on record with the credit card company.

Our fraud tools can help you keeping your payments secure

Use our servers to store sensitive payment information

The responsibility of storing your customer’s banking information, such as transit numbers, is an unnecessary risk for any business to take. With Bambora, you can easily mitigate your risk and decrease your PCI scope.


Securely encrypt any piece of customer data, from credit card numbers to customer identification numbers.

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PCI Compliance

Bambora is Level 1 PCI-Certified, the highest level possible. All of our tools are built with security in mind.

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Every business has different security concerns. Here at Bambora, we can create the perfect blend of fraud and authentication tools to keep your business secure.

We can verify the payer's identity to help you avoid fraud


  • What is CVV?

    CVV stands for Card Verification Values. It is the three to four number digit on the back of your credit card.

  • What is AVS?

    AVS stands for Address Verification Service. Your credit card company has your address on record, which can be used for authentication during payment.

  • Will your tools prevent all chargebacks?

    No, chargebacks are decided by the customer. Our tools will help you cover your bases and try to prevent any chargebacks based on fraud.

  • How do I get access to these fraud tools?

    You can access the fraud tools once you log in to the merchant area.

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