Get your accounts in order

Have multiple bills to pay? With Bambora’s Batch Processing (ACH), you can use our API or submit a CSV file into the merchant area, and pay them all at once. Better yet, you can submit a file up to 30 days in advance.

Processing a lot of files is time consuming

Validation on upload

We check the payment and account details before processing the payments. 

Confirmation on transactions

We process the entire file in one batch and provide real-time reports on the status of each transaction.

Simple payments for complex billing

Multiple payment types

Process debit payments for bank-to-bank transfers (ACH) and credit card transaction

Send and receive

Need to charge people too? Use batch processing to assist in your accounts receivables as well as your accounts payable.

Uploading only one CSV file for all your batch files is convenient

Made for everyone, but great for:


Expenses reimbursement

Charity donations

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Automate and easily manage your recurring and subscription billing. 


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