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Onboard customers while earning revenue.


Easily onboard your customers with payment acceptance while monetizing your software in a new way.
  • Scalable

    Onboarding tools that support you as you expand your customer base.

  • Flexible

    Adjustable revenue sharing rates as you increase processing volumes.

  • Secure

    Keep your customers information secure with our PCI complaint solutions.

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Bambora Onboarding Solutions

Onboarding Solutions

Onboard your customers with payment acceptance seamlessly within your own digital onboarding experience with our API, or through our hosted online application that can be customized to maintain your brand.

Bambora Revenue Sharing

Revenue Sharing

Earn additional revenue through your customers payment processing. Unlike other payment providers, we offer a competitive fee structure that you can markup to earn commissions. Transparent, fair, and flexible.

Onboarding Solutions

Hosted Screens
  • Hosted Screens
  • Onboarding API
  • Customization
  • Abandonment Features
  • Support All Acquirers
  • Risk Mitigation
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Branded digital onboarding without the integration

You provide us with your logo and colours, and we provide you a link to share when onboarding new and existing customers. The online application will have customers signed up in less than 10 minutes.

What features should you be looking for?

Seamless and embedded onboarding

Integrate our Onboarding API directly into your existing online or mobile application. Your customers will never leave your application, and won’t enter duplicating enrolment information, reducing friction at a critical moment.

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Preserve your brand throughout the onboarding flow

With both the Hosted Screens and Onboarding API, you can increase conversions while maintaining brand consistency throughout the customer journey.

Re-engage dropped off applicants

A lot can happen when your potential customers are filling out an application online. They might get distracted, or something significant could require their attention, causing them to leave the application form only half completed. We want to make sure you don’t lose potential customers, so we’ll email them back, inviting them to pick-up where they left off.

The most inclusive payment gateway

Bambora’s gateway is bank agnostic, meaning it is integrated with virtually every acquiring bank in North America. By plugging into our gateway, your customers won’t have to worry about changing existing bank relationships when choosing your software.

What is a gateway?

Focus on running your business, not payments risk

Don’t burden your business with unnecessary risk. When you partner with Bambora, we leverage our deep payments expertise to take on the risk and underwriting of your customers accounts, making us (not you) financially liable in the event a customer goes bankrupt.

Why risk matters?

With Revenue Sharing, you can earn on



Per Transaction Fees


Set-up Fees


Monthly Fees


Become a partner


Do your customers need to accept payments? Integrate directly to our platform or refer your clients to us to get started
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Choose how you want to earn


Once you sign up as a partner, you will be provided with a list of buy rates that you will be able to markup in a flexible way to suit your business.
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Onboard customers


Your customers will move through a frictionless application process. We will handle all the review, verification, and account setup.
Bambora Revenue Sharing Step 3

And earn


As your customers process payments, you will earn new revenue! With different settlement options, net or gross settlement, you can collect your way.
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Let’s talk about how we can help you build a payments strategy that scales.


If you’re looking for more information on our products or services, or are interested in a partnership opportunity, our team can help.


How much are the onboarding tools?

Nothing, we offer them as free tools to our partners.

What is the average dev time?

For the Onboarding API we typically see a turnaround period of a few weeks. For the Hosted Screens you can get set up in a day or two.

Does Bambora provide dev support?

Yes, we have an Integration Specialist and our Customer Care team is always on hand in case you need assistance.

What is the revenue sharing structure?

It varies partner to partner. You can earn off of your customers' per-transaction fee, monthly fees, or set-up fees.

Who qualifies to be a partner?

A partner is anyone who has the ability to introduce us to merchants requiring any of our services. We have partners that just refer us merchants directly and we have partners that are integrated to our payment processing platform and offer this capability as part of their solution.

To get an idea of who we can partner with, browse our Marketplace.

How often does revenue share get paid?

The revenue share gets paid out on a monthly basis (assuming there is money owed and it exceeds $100).