Case study

Developer integrations made easy

Learn how Shopgate partnered with Bambora to provide a one-click integration.

The challenge

Since it started in 2009 in Germany, Shopgate has expanded rapidly, adding offices in Europe and the United States. Serving over 12,000 customers globally, Shopgate is a leading mobile commerce platform, designed for retailers to optimize their mobile shopping experience. 

Shopgate was aiming to deliver an end-to-end experience by partnering with leading e-commerce and payment platforms. By partnering with Bambora, they were able to meet the strong customer satisfaction standards that they strive for. With a customer base highly motivated by the simplicity of the platform’s integrations, Shopgate chooses partners based on overall quality and ease of integration.

The solution

At first, the Shopgate team aimed to integrate with Bambora because of the platform’s status as a bank agnostic gateway. As Shopgate looked to grow their customer base, it was important to cater to a variety customers and their existing merchant accounts. Bambora offered a bank-neutral solution that would allow customers to maintain their existing bank relationship while simplifying the onboarding processes. 

Shopgate found a feature-rich, developer-friendly solution for their customers.

Another factor in Shopgate’s decision to integrate with Bambora was the developer-friendly platform, which made the integration job easy for their developers, giving them everything they needed to build feature-rich, end-user payment processing applications for mobile.

The Shopgate team was ultimately looking for a partner that would work towards a quick and efficient integration. In the fast-paced world of mobile, it was critical to delivering efficiently and accurately.

“We were very happy with the support we received from Bambora! As we continue to grow, we’re excited to have Bambora as a partner, as well as a payment solution for our clients. ” 

Samantha Deese, Product Marketing Manager, Shopgate

The results

From initial engagement to live integration, the entire process with Bambora and Shopgate was executed quickly and smoothly. “We were very happy with the support we received from Bambora,” said Samantha Deese, Product Marketing Manager at Shopgate, “we had a tight development timeline, and the Bambora team helped us launch the integration quickly. As we continue to grow, we’re excited to have Bambora as a partner, as well as a payment solution for our clients.” Today, a number of Shopgate customers have successfully integrated with Bambora and have experienced similar efficiencies with their integration.

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