The Road to Bambora

For those who weren’t aware, Beanstream was acquired by Bambora back in September 2015. Since then, we have been working hard to rebrand Beanstream to Bambora- which is now complete!

Bambora's background.

Bambora is a collection of twelve companies with decades of payments experience combined. Simply put, Bambora helps businesses grow.

Bambora began in Stockholm, Sweden in 2015. Now a global presence, with over 600 employees in 64 markets, Bambora processes over $47 billion USD per year.

Why did we rebrand Beanstream?

If you have been following Beanstream over the last seventeen years, you know Beanstream had been acquired four times and yet have always retained the Beanstream brand. While the colours have changed over the years, the Beanstream name stayed strong.

So why did we decided to retire the Beanstream brand? While there are lots of great reasons,  the main one is to signal to our customers that this one is sticking.

It took a village (or our entire team in North America!) to make this rebrand happen. We didn’t make this decision lightly, and we are so excited to share our new identity with you.

What you can expect

A few updates to our business have been made – for example, new website, emails, and a new checkout solution have all been launched.

2017 is going to be our year of getting things done, and leveraging our global presence to do it. We will be launching a partner portal, and late this year we will be working on redesigning our merchant area.

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