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"Our mission is clear and simple. We want to help businesses grow and reach their full potential, whether that business is a young start-up or an established company. To do this, we need to challenge the norms and standard ways of approach."

Johan Tjärnberg, CEO Bambora

We're all here to build a new company together.

Bambora’s journey began in 2013. As a group of willing, enthusiastic entrepreneurs, we understood that payment solutions for business were far from simple. With too many vendors and even more interfaces out there, we envisioned a much easier experience for business owners, whether they had been around for days or decades. 

We set out to build a company where we could grow as our customers expand their own businesses. In order to turn this vision into reality, we adapted our product offering to meet our customers’ increasing needs, and set about joining forces with a collection of companies that bring together decades of experience.

The unique technology we've developed makes payments possible within and across 60 countries, provides an analysis service offering real-time operational insights, and supplies smart financial solutions, which makes it possible for any customer of ours to thrive and expand.

In 2015 we were excited to bring IP Payments together with the rest of the group. We're thrilled that the skills and knowledge that have made IP Payments such a success in Asia-Pacific are now contributing to the global Bambora payments experience.











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