All you need to receive mobile payments.

Calling all developers, dealers and app users. Bambora Native offers endless advantages – everything from fast and easy integration to simple pricing and a smart memory feature for card details.


With simple, fast integration and a user-friendly design, you’re up and running in minutes. A well-documented package of code, developer-based documentation and support is yours, and with the option to test it out before registering, you can try Bambora Native Payment before making that final call. Nothing to lose and so much simplicity to gain.


Accept payments through your app in no time at all, with a fully customizable solution that adapts to your design and brand. Bambora Native Payment simplifies your business by offering a single contract from a single supplier, all at competitive prices.

App users

End users are awarded with superior performance, a smart memory feature for recurring payments and a consistent brand experience, allowing your developing brilliance to shine.                                      

Select the option for you

  • Native

    For app development professionals aiming to create a tip-top mobile experience. With fully customizable appearance and interaction design paired with superior performance, Bambora Native provides a win-win solution.

  • Hosted Payment Page

    A partially customizable solution, with no need to muddle with PCI certification. A user-friendly default template makes for extremely easy implementation.

Let Bambora manage security

Bambora manages all card details, so you can leave PCI certification to us. Better still, our online tools provide you with a simple spot to manage your transactions and fine-tune your account settings.

Frequently asked questions about Bambora Native

  • What is Bambora Native?

    Bambora Native is an solution for those who want to accept card payments on their Android or iOSapp. We have created a package with a set code that makes it easy for you to get started with payments in your app. You can even customize the look for the ultimate customer experience. End users enter their card details only once and can then make repeat purchases with the touch of a button. Using our InApp SDK gives you full security because we handle all card information so you don’t have to think about PCI certification. Of course, you also get access to our online tools to manage transactions and other settings.

  • Which payment cards can I receive?

    You can receive all cards from Visa and MasterCard (including Visa Electron and Maestro).

  • How long after ordering can I be up and running?

    You can test the solution right away without any registration or notification. That way you can try it out in your App before you decide to purchase the service. Experienced developers can be up and running in under 30 minutes. Once you have made your decision and filled in the online form, it takes about 24 hours before your account is up and running.

  • How quickly can I get money for my sales?

    We make a daily payment of your sales directly into your bank account the day after you’ve made your sale. For transactions in Finland allow two days.

  • What happens if the payments stop working?

    We guarantee availability of our digital services. In the unlikely event of a problem, our customer support can solve most issues straight away.

  • Can I access my transaction data?

    As the customer, you have control of all your data. You can access reports online or through our API for all your data.

  • Do you have any protection against card fraud?

    Yes, powerful protection against card fraud is always included. For those with more sophisticated requirements, we also offer additional professional services.


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