Case: We Feat – coffee, hugs, and high-fives

By Pernille Christine Larsen
On 28 March 2017

Frederik Løwe has a passion for food and coffee and a great love for people. His utmost ambition is to put smiles on people’s faces and serve them the best way he knows how. 

We Feat is all about having a good time – while eating delicious healthy food and drinking coffee, of course! Oh, and did I mention that everything We Feat serve is made with 100% organic ingredients? Fredrik shares his journey: 

Frederik’s story

The inspiration for We Feat was based on his own experience, he says. From working at the local pizzeria to opening and managing a global juice bar in New York City, Frederik has more than 15+ years of experience in the service industry.  

One day, when Frederik wanted a quick bite to eat, he realized that Aalborg was missing a healthy alternative to fastfood.

“I was at a point in my life where I was figuring out what the next step was for me. Then one day I was hanging out with some friends and we wanted something to eat – and I just couldn’t get another sandwich down”

Frederik Løwe, owner of WeFeat Café.

From then, the path was clear. Frederik called up his friend in Singapore and together they spent three months renovating the shop and building up the concept.

“Almost everything you see in here, we made with our bare hands. It just gives the place a little more soul.”

Frederik is now determined to make We Feat a success, and though the company was just founded in December 2016, Frederik believes that his previous experience and know-how will stand him in good stance.

Beyond customer expectations

When I asked Frederik about what he want people to remember We Feat for, he doesn’t hesitate: to deliver above and beyond customer expectations. 

Besides, providing a high consistent quality of food and drinks, building positive relationships with customers is essential, Frederik explains. He wants to make whoever come through the door to feel like they are a part of the We Feat family.

“I like taking care of people. Making them feel good – whether it’s a high five or a hug they need.” 

Big plans, big dreams

Taking risks are an occupational hazard of being an entrepreneur and though it can be hard at times, it comes with great benefits.

“I love being able to do a difference, be my own boss and to move from idea to action without having it to go through 10 or more people”. 

His best advice for other entrepreneurs is to go for it.

“Go for it. Jump into it. However, be sure to have a well-thought-out plan on how to get your idea from concepting to execution. It should be detailed and thought through.”

As for now, We Feat is located in the heart of Aalborg in the northern part of Denmark, but Frederik and his partner, Benjamin, both hope to grow and spread the We Feat ethos to all corners of Europe.

“First, we would like to expand our product line. We are soon launching a selection of fresh juices and shakes, as well as the opportunity of having your bowl served in a warm wrap. Then our big dream is to open in Aarhus and Copenhagen and every major city in Europe.” 

We wish We Feat the best of luck and good business for the future!

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Pernille Christine Larsen

Social media and digital content at Bambora. If i’m not lurking on the internet, I’m probably busy kicking butt at the gym, satisfying my coffee fix or out hunting for new experiences.


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