A payment window to fit your needs

With Bambora Hosted Pages, you can choose one of four different ways to display the payment window on your site. Seamlessly incorporated into your e-commerce and brand, Hosted Pages promise the highest level of security at every step of the way. 

Bambora Hosted Pages will soon be available at bambora.com. Until then, a full presentation and related technical documentation is available on our sister company’s site at: epay.eu.

Four different ways to display the payment window:

Overlay - Opens in a new window, with your e-commerce site still visible behind the payment window.

Full screen – Fills the entire page, covering your e-commerce site.

iFrame – Links to an external page, tailorable to match your e-commerce layout.

Integrated – Fully integrates with your site, tailorable to match your e-commerce layout. 

With Bambora Hosted Pages you always receive:

Subscription payments

Offer your customers the option to make recurring payments.

Fraud Fighter

Block payments, require security for payments and receive warnings about suspicious payments with this security product. A number of options allow you to You choose your level of security through a number of options.

Back office

An online platform where you can manage your transactions and account information.

Support for leading payment cards and e-commerce solutions.

Bambora Hosted Pages support all leading payment cards – including Dankort, Visa, MasterCard and Maestro – and e-commerce solutions – including Magento, PrestaShop, osCommerce and VirtueMart.


See the full list on ePay

Visit epay.eu

Combine Bambora Hosted Pages with Bambora Acceptance.

Order Hosted Pages and Bambora Acceptance/Merchant Agreement together, and simply pay a fixed monthly fee per transaction.

Frequently asked questions about Bambora Tailored Checkout

  • How do I get started?

    Create a free trial account, which will show you what the payment window may look like on your site, and do a test payment to see how it all works. Then arrange are payment agreement. When you’ve done that, we’ll activate your account and you’ll be ready to use the full service.

  • What is ePay?

    ePay is a Payment Service Provider that provides the payment window where your customers enter their payment information. It’s like a payment card terminal on your website.

  • Why do I need ePay when I already have a contract with an acquirer?

    ePay is for your website, just as a card terminal is for a physical store. So even if you already have a Merchant Agreement – which stipulates the account to which your money will be transferred – you still need ePay to handle your customers’ payment card information and to communicate with the buyer.

  • When will I receive my payment?

    It depends on your Merchant Agreement, but you will usually receive your payment within 2-3 days.

  • Can the trial account start to accrue costs?

    The trial account is free until you activate your account to a live account. Only then can you start receiving real payments on your website.

  • How much does it cost?

    You can find all our prices at www.epay.eu

  • Which payment cards can I accept with ePay?

    The ePay solution supports all known payment cards and currencies. Your Merchant Agreement may affect which cards you can receive.


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