About Bambora From 0 to 600 employees and a global player in the payments industry in just a couple years.

A clear vision

Bambora’s journey began a few years ago. As a group of willing, enthusiastic entrepreneurs, we understood that payment solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) were far from simple. With too many vendors and even more interfaces out there, we envisioned a much easier experience for business owners, whether they had been around for days or decades and regardless if they sold their products or services in stores or online. You could say we were obsessed with simplifying life for SMEs.


Thriving customers = a thriving Bambora

We set out to build a company where we could grow as our customers expand their own businesses. In order to turn this vision into reality, we adapted our product offering to meet our customers’ increasing needs. The unique technology we developed enables both e-commerce and physical transactions on the same platform. This makes payments possible within and across 60 countries, provides an analysis service offering real-time operational insights, and supplies smart financial solutions, which makes it possible for any customer of ours to thrive and expand.

”You could say we were obsessed with simplifying life for SMEs.”

Johan Tjärnberg, CEO Bambora

A simple customer journey

So we got to work. Right from the start, we had set our sights on building a global business that would look after the needs of all SMEs. As payments are often international, this entailed a lot of travelling around the world to find out which components were needed to simplify the customer journey in many different countries. Our Nordic origin gave us an advantage thanks to the experience we had from one of the world’s most developed regions in the payment industry. Our investors shared our enthusiasm about the idea and decided to support us, and so we began to put the pieces of the jigsaw together. We invested heavily in technology and people, and now two years later, large parts of that jigsaw have been assembled. But the real journey begins now.

We are open for business!

Welcome to the world of payment solutions. Choose your country and start accepting payments from customers all over the world.