Our mission We want to help you become better at what you do.

“Our mission is clear and simple. We want to help small businesses thrive and reach their full potential, whether that business is a young start-up or an established family company. To do this, we need to challenge the norms and standard ways of approaching payments.”

Johan Tjärnberg, CEO Bambora

ABOUT BAMBORA Our motives, investments and partners

community We simplify affairs for small business owners

Our greatest motivating factor is to make business easier for SMEs. We concern ourselves with each and every entrepreneur, regardless of sales channel – from start-ups with online or mobile marketing, to mom-and-pop shops in business for days or decades.

INVESTING IN BORDERLESS TRADING We are invested in your journey

As your needs change, we stick by your side and help when the time comes to move from physical trading into e-commerce, even financing loans to grow your business. Having invested heavily in digitizing the customer journey, we aim to simplify the overall customer experience, which has led to the creation of a unique technology platform enabling both e-commerce and physical commerce on the same platform. This makes payments possible within and across 60 countries, provides an analysis service offering real-time operational insights, and supplies smart financial solutions, which makes it possible for you to thrive and expand.

PARTNERING PAR EXCELLENCE Our partners enable our vision

Without our partners, our mission would be unreachable. But with these reliable, innovative forces represented in all sales channels – from app developers to web solution suppliers, cloud-based platforms, cash providers and banks represented in all sales channels – we continue to make the Bambora vision a reality.


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