Understanding payment processing risk

If one of our customers goes bankrupt, Bambora would be financially liable as the underwriter of the account. This makes us risk-aware, which is why we can’t board certain businesses.

Why it matters to your business

We take on the risk and underwriting of all your customers when you select to partner with us. However, this is not an industry-wide practice.

When you are comparing providers, make sure that you find out who takes on the risk. You may be comfortable with being financially liable for your customers, but it should never be a surprise. 

Things that can affect a business’ level of risk

Type of industry

Certain industries are riskier than others, like ticketing and gambling.

Age of company

The less established a company is, the more associated risk there is.

Time of delivery

The length between purchase and delivery affect risk. Is it days, weeks, months?

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