What is Revenue Sharing?

When you sign up as a partner, Bambora will share a portion of the revenue we earn when clients process online. Whether you integrate directly to our platform or just introduce us to your client, we want you to share in our success.

New revenue stream as a Bambora partner with Revenue Sharing

Opportunities to earn on:

Per transaction fees

Monthly fees

Setup fees

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  • What is the revenue share plan structure?

    It varies partner to partner. You can earn off of your customers per-transaction fee, monthly fees, or set-up fees. 

  • Who qualifies to be a partner?

    A partner is anyone who has the ability to introduce us to merchants requiring any of our services. We have partners that just refer us merchants directly and we have partners that are integrated to our payment processing platform and offer this capability as part of their solution.

    To get an idea of who we can partner with, browse our Marketplace.

  • When does the revenue share get paid out?

    The revenue share gets paid out on a monthly basis (assuming there is money owed and it exceeds $100).

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