We work with many types of plug-ins, add-ons, and extensions, including:

Shopping Carts

Recurring Billing



Online Forms

... and more!

Revenue Sharing

Earn commission off the new customers that you send our way! If you integrate with Bambora, we will give you a revenue share for every new customer that signs up with your service and then integrates with Bambora. 

New revenue stream as a Bambora partner with Revenue Sharing

Access to our global audience

Bambora North America has over 32,000 merchants looking for solutions just like yours. Globally, Bambora has over 100,000 customers, 50% of which are online. Don’t miss out on this captive audience! We highlight our plug-ins for our customers in our marketplace.

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Let’s talk integration

What sort of documentation do you have?

We have RESTful APIs and SDKs so you can easily integrate into our system.

How long does it typically take?

Usually, the integration shouldn’t take longer than a few days and absolutely built, tested and deployed within a typical 2-week sprint.

One click integration

Learn how Shopgate partnered with Bambora to provide a one-click integration here.

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Scale your platform by integrating payments.

Do your customers need to accept payments? Let us handle the payments, while you work on building your business. Bambora Platform works with Software-as-a-Service, cloud technology, and other B2B service providers. 

We are open for business!

Welcome to the world of payment solutions. Choose your country and start accepting payments from customers all over the world.