What is tokenization?

Our tokenization service can encrypt any piece of data your customer supplies and store it on our PCI-Level 1 certified servers. The data is encrypted into a single token that is used whenever your customer makes a repeat purchase.

Decrease your risk

Storing credit card data is an unnecessary burden for any business to take. With tokenization, you can keep your customers information safe, while decreasing your PCI scope.

Protect against hackers

If you were hacked and your tokens were found, your customer data would still be protected. Tokens cannot be deciphered and only work when sending the request to Bambora. 

How tokenization works.

There are two ways to create a customer profile: 

  1. Customer initiated: your customer provide their payment information on a payment form or point of sale.

  2. Merchant initiated: You provide your customer’s payment information to Bambora.

These ‘profiles’ then become tokens, which can be used for recurring payments like subscriptions.


  • Do you support network tokenization?

    Network tokenization is at the card brand level. Bambora supports network tokenization in the Apple Pay.

  • What can you tokenize?

    You can tokenize pretty much anything! You can tokenize your customer’s profile, payment information, and other data strings like social security numbers.

  • How much does it cost?

    It is free of charge and included in the Bambora Ready and Bambora Advance account type.

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