Ensure your customers are who they say they are. In real time.

eIDCompare: Validates customer’s payment and shipping information at the point of checkout against Equifax data in real time.

eIDVerifier: Takes eIDCompare one step further by pulling Equifax data to create an interactive questionnaire to confirm customer’s identity before processing payment.

Conduct customer validation three ways

Hash Validation

Validating the url that is submitting the payment to ensure nothing was tampered with or used by a third party.

API Username & Password

Your customers can use a username and password to allow the transaction to be processed.

Referring Host Validation

Confirms the referring host and if a transaction is submitted with a different host name the transaction will be rejected before it is even sent to the bank.

Avoid unnecessary risk and filter out repeat abusers.

Risk Thresholds: Monitors elements such as geolocation checks, proxy detection, and IP tracking to provide a risk score. Transactions must meet a pre-assigned score to be approved.

Transaction Filtering: Filters can be used to restrict credit cards, specific IP address or limit activity to individual workstations.


Simple yet powerful fraud tools.

The best way to protect your business against fraudulent charges and chargebacks is by being proactive at checkout. With our free, easy-to-use fraud tools, you can safeguard your business.

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