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Payments to power giving


By integrating payments into your nonprofit software, you empower nonprofits to quickly and easily accept donations, without stretching your budget or resources.

Church Management

Adding payments to your church management software provides a simplified solution for administrators to manage donations and effectively organize events.

Donation Management

Easily integrate payments into your software and accelerate your offering by onboarding nonprofits quickly.


Simplify fundraising efforts by integrating a payments solution that is geared to help nonprofits grow donations.

Increase Online Giving
  • Increase Online Giving
  • Recurring Donations
  • Collect Over The Phone
  • Secure Checkout Form
  • Settlement Transparency

Online and in-app payments

Facilitate online and in-app payment capabilities for nonprofits. With browser and mobile-friendly SDKs, you can help nonprofits turn their fundraising plans into action. Provide insight into how donors are giving while also reducing your PCI scope.

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Easily collect recurring donations

Remove the stress of donors having to manually enter payments, helping nonprofits accelerate donations. With recurring payments, donors can set it and forget it, giving weekly, monthly, or yearly, while nonprofits will have insight into their future donation projections.

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Authenticate donors over the phone with Virtual Terminal

You don’t want to exclude anyone from the opportunity to give. Virtual terminal together with our online payment methods opens up donation acceptance to 100% of donors, whether they want to give online, or over the phone. All major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, and Amex can be accepted.

The easiest way to accept donations

Delight nonprofits with the ability to accept the leading payment cards, as donors with a credit card are 2.5x more likely to donate than those who use cash. Both the donor and nonprofit can rest assured that the transaction is processed safely with a secure checkout page. Donors will appreciate the option to give on the go or at a desk with a checkout screen that adapts to both desktop and mobile.

Gain full access to fees and settlement timelines

For nonprofits seeking a sustainable payment solution, timing is everything. Knowing when money is coming in or out of their accounts is critical for operations. Create transparency within your software for nonprofits with the Settlement Report API, which gives you and your customers access to credit card settlement fees and timelines. This API allows you to simplify the reconciliation process for your customers, so they don’t need to access our system.

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