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Pushing The Limits With Payments


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Learn how WildPlay Element Parks found a scalable payment solution.

The challenge

In British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, and New York, people ages five and older experience the kind of aerial adventures that make them smile ear to ear.

WildPlay Element Parks offer ziplines, high-speed swings, 40 to 150-foot jumps, and suspended obstacle courses – all of which provide a physical and mental challenge.

WildPlay’s mission is to give people an accessible way to push their self-perceived limits by getting them outside their comfort zone and experiencing life-changing, nature-based, aerial recreation.

To serve the tens of thousands of guests they see each year, WildPlay requires simple, fast, and advanced payment solutions that cater to a 24/7 global market.

The solution

As WildPlay’s operations expanded, and as their online audience grew, having a cost-effective way to streamline online payments became a vital part of their business system.

Bambora provided a painless integration with terrific ongoing customer service.

To find a cost-effective way to streamline their payment process, WildPlay enlisted the help of Bambora. Bambora introduced WildPlay to flexible and reliable payment tools that are free of fixed contracts and hidden fees.

The results

Through their collaboration with Bambora, WildPlay has a payment platform that suits the needs of their organization and their customers. The implementation and payment solutions are always supported by Bambora’s great customer service.

Whenever we had a question, we were able to get in touch with someone that was located in Victoria, and who was knowledgeable enough to answer all our questions.


While WildPlay has rarely had any issues, whenever there is they are addressed quickly, meeting the Service Level Agreement (SLA) of a four-hour turnaround from the local support team. As WildPlay continues to provide heart-thumping adventures, they can always count on Bambora to be their Partner in Payments®.