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What is Batch Processing?


Batch Processing is the ability to coordinate a large number of payments at once where payment amounts often change between batches. This separates them from one-off or recurring payments of the same amount.

Batch Processing is great for merchants who process payroll, expense reimbursements or who have mail-in or telephone orders.

With Batch Processing, merchants can process very large volumes of credit card information without having to send customers to an online form. All the payment information can be sent via API integrations or uploaded in a CSV file all at once, saving time and redundancy.

Merchants can take advantage of Electronic Fund Transfers (EFT) in Canada when processing a large number of payments with debit accounts.

Batch Processing can help to reduce processing costs. For each batch transaction, merchants using Bambora pay a flat rate of a few cents per record; while credit card processing charges a percentage plus flat fee for each transaction processed.

That could save you a ton on fees!