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Payments as a Service (PaaS)


A new concept set to revolutionize payment processing.

Over the last few years, payments have adopted the Software as a Service (SaaS) model of software licensing and delivery, using that ideology to benefit the customer.

In an industry once dominated by banks and large financial institutions, a need in the market was missing; a model that can simplify payments for the end user, whether they be an integrated software vendor (ISV) or merchant. The goal of PaaS providers is to retain customers based on the service provided, rather than profiting off of them.

Banks are also taking notice of the advantages PaaS can provide. Legacy systems are being upgraded to a scalable, secure model that can process higher transaction volume at lower cost.

In this white-paper, you will learn what Payments as a Service means for the end customer, the features that set it apart from traditional banking methods, and how banks will adopt PaaS into their ideology.


The Value of One Provider

Partnering with a PaaS provider gives you the value of one platform, one integration, and one billing service.

Industry Insights

Read about the impact PaaS will have on ISVs, merchants, and banks, and what that means for the future of payments.

What It Means To Be Customer Focused

See how a customer focus disrupted the payments space for the benefit of all players involved.