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The Latest Payment Trends Report


The Latest Payment Trends In Sports, Food, Nonprofit, and Education Software

Every industry has its preferred method of payment, whether it be cards or newer payment advances like wallets or mobile apps. To stay current, software providers need to stay on top of what is trending not only within their industry but also within consumer preferences.

The rise of digital payments has changed the way businesses exchange money, just as software providers have made it easier for their clients to run their business. Now, businesses can operate entirely out of a single app or integration, with payments running seamlessly in the background.

In this report, we have identified the payment services that top software providers in the nonprofit, sports, education, and food industry offer their customers. See how you stack up and find out where you could add more value.



The Top Payment Methods

See how your payment offering stacks up against your industry with an in-depth analysis of the top payment methods in each sector.

What’s Trending In Your Industry

We have identified emerging trends in each industry so that you can future-proof your business.

How To Create A Better Customer Experience

Learn the methods that your customers want to pay with, and how you can add these methods into your payment arsenal.