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With a wide range of fraud protection and authentication tools to choose from, you can create the perfect blend of security to keep your business safe.
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    Fraud tools that are straightforward and easy to implement.

  • Effective

    Proven to prevent chargebacks based on fraud.

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    Used by over 50,000 customers in North America.


  • Tokenization
  • AVS
  • Card Verification Value
  • 3D Secure 2.0
  • Risk Scoring
  • PCI Compliance

Encrypt confidential payment data

Worldline’s Tokenization service encrypts every piece of your customers' payment data into a single token that is stored on our PCI-Level 1 certified server. The encrypted token can then be used whenever your customers make a repeat purchase. By the way, it also provides a fantastic experience for your repeat customers.

Check out how tokenization works

Prevent fraudulent transactions

At checkout, if the address information supplied by a cardholder does not match what the card issuing bank has on file the transaction can be rejected, stopping fraud before it happens.

Learn more about AVS

Ensure the transaction is legitimate

The verification number associated with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and AMEX confirms the customer has the actual card on hand at the moment of purchase. If the CVV does not match or cannot be provided, the transaction can be rejected.

Decrease fraud and increase customer conversions with 3D Secure 2.0

3D Secure 2.0 (3DS2) is a new and improved version of the original 3D Secure protocol. 3DS2 offer a seamless security boost to transactions, plus a liability shift from merchants to card issuers in case of chargebacks. Thanks to higher accuracy and data transfer, cardholders are less likely to be challenged with this new version. If a risk is sensed, the customer will be asked to authenticate via SMS code or biometrics - harder for fraudsters to breach and simpler to cardholders to receive. By offering 3DS2, you protect your customers and fight against rising fraud.

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Block high risk transactions

Stop fraudulent transactions dead in their tracks by setting a Risk Threshold for your customers. Worldline can determine the risk by monitoring different variables within the transaction. If a transaction is assigned a risk score greater than the threshold, it is up to you to decide what happens. You can either set it up to get alerted for your approval or automatically decline it. By enabling risk thresholds for your customers, you can greatly decrease their risk of fraudulent transactions.

Reduce your PCI scope to SAQ-A

You can avoid rigorous PCI upkeep by using our gateway and product suite. You can store and transmit credit card information by using our PCI-Level 1 certified server, keeping both your customers' payment information safe and your business out of scope.

Stay PCI compliant

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Will your tools prevent all chargebacks?

No, chargebacks are decided by the customer. Our tools will help you cover your bases and try to prevent any chargebacks based on fraud.

How do I access these fraud tools?

You can access the fraud tools once you are a customer and logged into the portal.

What can you tokenize?

You can tokenize pretty much anything! You can tokenize your customer’s profile, payment information, and other data strings like social security numbers.

Do you support network tokenization?

Network tokenization is at the card brand level. Worldline supports network tokenization when using Apple Pay.