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Easily receive & move funds


Maximize billing efficiency and make your payments work for you. Spend more time growing your business and less time manually processing your payments.
  • Secure

    Payment data never touches your server.

  • Reliable

    Forget worrying about missed payments or deadlines.

  • Scalable

    Leverage EFT and ACH cross-border with one integration.


Store and reuse payment data

Recurring Billing

Easily manage subscription billing information. By storing customer payment data you can reduce data entry errors, or stop having to enter any data at all.

Complex billing made simple

Batch Processing

Orchestrate credit card payments or direct transfers for thousands of your customers within one API. Bundled with credit card processing, you will become a one-stop shop.


Recurring Payments
  • Recurring Payments
  • Card Updater
  • Payment Profiles

Easily manage subscription billing

End the routine and errors of manually entering customer credit card data month after month. Recurring billing simplifies payments by securely storing card details on file and charges customers at a regular interval on time.

Learn how Recurring Billing can save you time

Never miss a payment

When your payments are automated, expired or re-issued credit cards may cause you to miss a payment. Card Updater will automatically update stored credit cards to always keep payments flowing.

How To Ensure Payments Are On Time

Safe and reliable payment processing

Always know your customer's information is safe with our Payment Profiles. Creating a profile means your customers payment information never touches your software, thus lowering your PCI scope. Plus, you will be able to use Payment Profiles for one-off or recurring transactions.

Payment Profile Docs

Capture Payment Data


Collect the payment data using our Custom Checkout.

Create Payment Profile


Use our API to store the Payment Profile on our servers.

Charge customer


Send a request via the API to charge the Payment Profile on file.


Keep Money Moving
  • Keep Money Moving
  • Payroll And Expenses
  • Reports

For both accounts receivable and accounts payable

Submit bulk transactions and pay them all at once in the Portal. For both debits and credits, only upload one file for quick and accurate payment processing.

See how batch processing can impact your business

No more tight deadlines

Batch Processing through EFT and ACH is ideal for payroll and expenses, as you can submit a file up to 30 days in advance and pick the day that it will process.

Confirm the status of your transactions

You receive email alerts and visibility into the status of each transaction. Review errors, before the batch processes ensuring your payments are processed on time.

Select How You Will Process


Decide if you want to process using the Portal or API.
See how to integrate to the Batch Processing API

Enter Details


Enter your payment details into the provided CSV template.



Upload through the Portal or using the API.

Select Date


Select the processing start date.



Monitor the status of your batch.

Can you set the recurrence on usage?

Yes, you can use our API to initiate a one-off transaction once their usage has reached the threshold.

Can 1 EFT file debit & credit accounts?

Yes, one file can handle both deposits and charges.

How long does a batch file take?

This depends on the settlement lag set at the merchant level, defined by risk. Credit Card batch runs the day that the merchant instructs it to run. While EFT batch follows a typically 3-day flow.