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Bambora has joined forces with Worldline to bring the best payment services to a new home under one brand.

Welcome to Worldline
Worldline is a global leader in secure payments and trusted transactions. We are at the forefront of the digital revolution that shapes new ways of paying, living, doing business and building relationships that pass on trust along the entire payments value chain, enabling sustainable economic growth. Our innovative solutions, rooted in a rock-solid technological base, are environmentally friendly, widely accessible and support social transformation.

Our Purpose: Share Worlds, Share Trust
We design and operate leading digital payment and transactional solutions that enable sustainable economic growth and reinforce trust and security in our societies. Moreover, we make them environmentally friendly, widely accessible and support social transformation.

A world of trusted transactions

As a global leader in payments, we are trusted to provide the infrastructure for millions of people and businesses around the world.
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Setting standards for our industry

Our leadership in CSR differentiates Worldline, and allows us to actively and positively influence the payment ecosystem.
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Rebranding Bambora to Worldline

Even though our identity will change, our priority will always be the same – being your trusted payment partner.
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  • 2000
  • September 2015
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  • July 2017
  • November 2017
  • October 2020
  • September 2021

Beanstream was founded at the beginning of e-commerce.

Beanstream enabled businesses of every size to receive and make payments online, in-store, and in-app since early 2000. With the largest payment suite in the industry, Beanstream helped everyone from the independent store owners to Fortune 500 companies succeed. Beanstream grew to be responsible for processing over 30% of all e-commerce in Canada.

Beanstream was acquired by Bambora

The Swedish fintech innovator, Bambora Group, announced the signing of a definitive agreement to acquire Beanstream Internet Commerce, Inc. Bambora plans to leverage this new business combination to enter the North American market. Bambora’s ambition is to become a global one-stop-shop with the same unique offer, services and customer experience regardless of where their clients are located. The goal? To become one of the industry’s most innovative and growth-focused payment companies globally.

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Entered US Market

"Our customers, especially those with a solution or software that they want to round-out by also facilitating payments, have expressed the importance of ease of use and seamless integration. They want to focus on their business specialties and let us focus on payments. As a result, Beanstream USA uniquely delivers on a single platform that allows U.S. clients to seamlessly expand their business to Canadian markets with less or no integration work, making it easy to go into new regions faster." - Ryan Stewart, Head of Product

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Beanstream rebranded to Bambora

If you have been following us over the last seventeen years, you know we had been acquired four times and yet have always retained the Beanstream brand. While the colours have changed over the years, the brand name stayed strong. So why did we decided to retire the Beanstream brand? While there are lots of great reasons, the main one is to signal to our customers that this one is sticking. It took a village (or our entire team in North America!) to make this rebrand happen.

Ingenico Acquisition Announced

This acquisition represents a key milestone in the execution of Ingenico Group’s strategy towards payment services with a disruptive approach and:

  • Enriches Ingenico’s customer centric offer with complementary technological skills
  • Adds a dedicated direct-to-SMB sales’ channel to the Retail Business Unit
  • Leverages Enterprise combined portfolios with end-to-end payment solutions, including online acquiring capabilities in Europe and specific advanced functionalities for cross-border companies globally
  • Brings scalable assets with a complementary footprint and increases its online and in-store offer in the Nordics, North America and Australia through the addition of new Gateways
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Ingencio Acquisition Closed

From a purely hardware company selling terminals to banks & acquirers, Ingenico Group has, over the past decade, continuously shifted its model towards payment services. Bambora is a key milestone in that strategy. Its integration into our group will enable us to scale up our Retail business, which is key on our path to further improve our position as an undisputable leader of the seamless and omnichannel payment experience,” said Philippe Lazare, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Ingenico Group. “The whole group joins me in warmly welcoming all the employees of Bambora and I look forward to working closely with them.”

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Since October 28, 2020 Bambora Has Joined The Worldline Group

Worldline is the largest European player in payment services and the fourth largest player worldwide. Worldline provides its clients with sustainable, trusted and secure solutions across the payment value chain and offers best-in-class payment services ranging from POS, online payments, omnichannel solutions to issuing & acquiring and digital banking to nearly one million merchants and 1,200 banks and financial institutions. With 20,000 employees and powered by the dedication of some of the brightest talents in the payments industry, Worldline is shaping new ways of paying, living and doing business.

Learn more about Worldline here

Bambora rebrands to Worldline

After joining the Worldline group in October 2020, Bambora has officially transitioned to the new Worldline brand. Worldline’s experience and expertise in the payments industry will help us innovate and enhance our products and technology. Since the company won the world’s first contract for bank card transactions back in 1973, it has been a pioneer in the transformation of payment transactions. Every year Worldline invests more than €300 million in innovation to deepen its partnerships with innovative players from across the global payment ecosystem.

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Why is Bambora rebranding to Worldline?

With so many brands under the Worldline group, we believe unifying all these brands together under one roof will strengthen our services and open the door to new possibilities across the globe.

Who is Worldline?

Worldline is the largest player in payment services for Europe and the fourth largest worldwide. Worldline provides clients with sustainable, trusted, and secure payment solutions. Worldline offers best-in-class solutions ranging from POS, digital payments, omnichannel solutions, and issuing and acquiring services to nearly 1M businesses and 1,200 banks and financial services.

What will happen to Bambora?

We are working on rebranding all Bambora properties with the new Worldline brand. However, this will be done in a phased approach, so you will still see the Bambora or Ingenico brand from time to time as we work on updating everything to Worldline.

As a Bambora customer, how will this affect me?

As a customer, nothing will change for you. Your services will continue to operate as usual, and your passwords and credentials remain the same, and you will still have the same Account Managers and Support teams. Our legal entity will remain as Bambora AB.

Will this change affect Portal access?

No, you can continue to log in and access the Portal as you usually do, and the Portal will still be accessible through the Bambora website.

How can I contact you?

You can contact us just as you normally would. Our phone number, email, and website will all be the same. Click here for our contact details.


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Worldline and Bambora are registered trademarks and trade names owned by the Worldline Group.
BAMBORA is a registered Agent of TD Bank, Toronto ON, Canada and Wells Fargo Bank N.A., Canadian Branch, Toronto ON, Canada.