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    How do I switch from my existing payments provider to Bambora Advance?

    Switching is easy. Speak to one of our expert support staff who will review your current situation and explain the switching process so you can start adding valuable features to your checkout process as soon as possible

    Do I need Bambora Advance even though I have a merchant account?

    There are two distinct ways of using Bambora Advance. This will depend on how your business operates, but it can be used either as a payment gateway or payment facilitator. You don't need a merchant account if you opt to use it as a payments facilitator as Bambora will take on the associated risks for you. Whether you have a merchant account or not doesn't affect the fact that you do still need a payment gateway to handle sensitive customer card data

    What payment methods can I accept with Bambora Advance?

    You can accept all Visa and MasterCard transactions,  PayPal and AMEX as well as digital wallets: AMEX Express Checkout, Visa Checkout, MasterPass, Diners and Apple Pay

    How long does it take for funds to reach my merchant account?

    It depends on the agreement you have with your merchant, but usually 2-3 days

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