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Streamline Merchant Services.


We offer small to medium Australian merchants a payment experience that cuts out the need for a merchant account. Our payment facilitation model is cost-effective for merchants who want to process payments through Bambora's online merchant facility.
  • No merchant account

    We've cut out the middle man, so you don't need to open a merchant account.

  • Quick merchant onboarding

    So you can get going quickly.

  • Acquiring & PSP services

    Save time and money leveraging Bambora's relationships with banks and acquirers.

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Bambora stands in place of a traditional acquiring relationship, offering our customers an end-to-end payment solution.







Merchant Facility


Out with the old

Traditionally, merchants engage directly with the banks and acquirers to set up a merchant account.

Save valuable time

This can be time consuming and often difficult for those working in place of a traditional bank or acquirer.

In with the new

Instead, merchants can engage directly with Bambora in place of a traditional bank or acquirer.

We've got you covered

Our payment facilitation capability means we can meet all your payment acceptance needs, acting as a single point of entry to the payments network.

Full service management

We manage the end-to-end transaction process from capture all the way through to settlement in the merchant account.

Goodbye merchant account

We work with all Australian banks, which means that as a merchant you can use any bank and you’ll never be asked to change accounts or set-up a new one.