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Payment Gateway Services.

Bambora's best in class Payment Gateway is built to grow big businesses. With flexible payment options, powerful features and add-ons, we're the only payment provider you'll ever need.
  • Choose your acquirer

    We work with all the leading banks & acquirers.

  • Popular payment types

    We'll ensure you never miss a sale.

  • PCI solutions

    Always remain compliant with Bambora's Level 1 PCI.

  • Local support

    Our Aussie support team are on hand 24/7.

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A Gateway designed to grow big business.

Easy Merchant Services
  • Easy Merchant Services
  • Payment types
  • High volume processing
  • Token
  • Shopping cart integration
  • Security & Fraud

Merchant Account & Acquiring.

Like many big businesses, you'll have your own relationships with banks and be managing your own business accounts.

Bambora work with all major Australian banks and acquirers to process your transactions. You won't need to change banks or open new accounts - we'll fit seamlessly into your operations.

With Bambora's Payment Gateway, you can accept your customer's favourite payment method.

Your customers want to use the payment methods most convenient to them, so they can pay whenever they want, however they want. We process all popular payment cards and digital wallets:

Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, AMEX, Diners Club, JCB, Visa Checkout and Masterpass

We are trusted and experienced with high-volume payment processing.

High volume of sales is one thing, but businesses transacting on a large scale need strong Gateway support. Bambora pride ourselves on our Payment Gateway's uptime and reliability across all payment channels.

We understand that you need an enterprise payment gateway that can maintain your current volume of transactions, and also sets your business up for further success.

Customer data storage.

Improve your customer's current and future payment experience by allowing them to 'save my card'.

From single-click checkout to recurring payment types and NFC payments, tokenisation delivers a convenient payment experience that negates the customer to refill in their card details. Our tokenisation service is fully protected via Level 1 PCI Compliance and has a range of benefits beyond the checkout.

Integrate our Payment Gateway in your shopping cart software.

Up your eCommerce game by integrating our payment acceptance into your shopping cart.

We're pleased to offer our customers easy integrations into some of the world's most popular cart solutions. Get in touch with one of our experts to find out how you can boost commerce through our external checkout. We currently offer integrations with:

  • Magento 1
  • Magento 2
  • NitroSell
  • Woocommerce

Customisable Fraud & Velocity checks.

While fraudsters will unfortunately always exist, we'll help you understand and mitigate fraud as much as possible - protecting you and your shoppers is our priority.

We offer our Payment Gateway customers to implement superior and customisable fraud and Velocity checks, from enabling velocity thresholds on various purchase attributes to controlling how often an individual customer can attempt transactions on your site.

We work closely with ACI Worldwide, our risk and security partner, to further help protect our customers from fraud.


Choose your online Checkout.


iFrame Checkout

Smart payment page that's embedded into your website within an iFrame or through our API. Perfect for businesses looking for a solution that doesn't require developer or third party assistance.

External Checkout

Accept payments through your shopping cart. We partner with many carts, including Magento, NitroSell and Woocommerce, to bring sophisticated payments to our customers.


Grow your revenue

Accept more payments, process more transactions and do more business!
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Customer insights

We'll help you understand how your customers shop, where they shop and how they want to pay.
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Optimise every transaction

Get the most of your Payment Gateway service by using all of our features and add-ons; from tokenisation through to custom fraud checks.
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Recurring payments

Accept recurring and scheduled payments and allow your customers to 'set and forget.'
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