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Integrate your instore & online POS.


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Combining Bambora and Ingenico's technology, you can connect your instore or retail POS and online checkout to enable a powerful payments and brand experience across all channels. One that unlocks, synchronises and manages customer data to unravel outstanding business insights across industries like retail, eCommerce, restaurants & hospitality, and health & insurance.

If you operate both online and instore, you'll see your brand as silos that need to be managed individually across web, mobile and bricks-and-mortar. Each silo consisting of different technology and payment platforms that are dislocated, not centralised and treated as separate units.

Shoppers see one channel and brand. They've come to expect a shopping experience that caters to all their unique requirements. A seamless brand experience with no friction between what's instore and what's online, and the ability to shop whenever and however they like.


of smartphone shoppers use their mobile instore to help with shopping


of shoppers are influenced by digital information


of retailers use instore signage to convert customers to digital

Ingenico and Bambora’s single customer view capability enables consumer buying behaviour discovery, unveiling insights that will shape how a business sells across all touch points.


Synchronise your operations.

Unlock transaction data
  • Unlock transaction data
  • Build brand loyalty
  • Make shopping seamless

Discover more about your customers to improve your operations:

  • Consolidate offline and online transactions
  • Cross-sell and upsell opportunities
  • Monitor channel performance
  • Effectively manage orders, leads and customer details

Opportunity to apply behavioural insights:

  • Real-time shopping behaviour
  • Purchase history
  • Contextual data
  • Instore POS data

Unifying your online and offline POS:

  • Improve customer payment experience
  • Facilitate impulse purchases
  • Cross-channel reporting
  • Uninterrupted purchase experience

Deliver a better shopping experience.


Endless aisle

Virtual merchandise is here, making out-of-stock a thing of the past. Work closely with suppliers to let your customer purchase unavailable items when they're instore simply by taking them through your online checkout.

Click & Collect

Differentiate yourself from other eCommerce retailers as well as boost unplanned purchasing. Allow customers to purchase online and choose to collect that purchase at a pre-chosen location, rather than have it delivered to their home. Simple!

Dynamic checkout

Deliver a seamless path to purchase. One that meets the evolving customer experience and their continued demand for a simplistic but highly sophisticated checkout experience that remembers who they are, where they are and how they like to pay.

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