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Team Up & Grow Your Business!


12 July 2019

Victoria Galloway

5 minute read

Join the Bambora Partner Programme to create brand new revenue streams.

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If you’re reading this, it could be time to embrace your next business milestone! As your business continues to expand and your operations become more complex, partnering up with a payment processor can have a very positive effect on business growth and your customer experience.

At Bambora we’re committed to the success of each and every one of our customers and are delighted to introduce the Bambora Partner Programme, which offers businesses from many different verticals the opportunity to open new online revenue streams.

Earn additional revenue by facilitating your merchant customer’s payment processing. Partnering with Bambora is the fastest way to enable other businesses who are using your services, platform or website to accept payments. Whether you’re building software, providing professional services or are a technology provider, we help you expand your reach.


Here at Bambora, we’re acutely aware of the benefits of teaming up. We’re a global business born out of collaboration, united through the common goal of delivering smart payment solutions to customers in many different countries, markets and currencies.

We’re uniquely positioned to offer businesses and organisations across the Pacific with exceptional payment processing you can offer your own customers.

Who do Bambora partner with?

Our partners enable our vision. We’re pleased to offer our technology partners a seamless payment solution that simplifies their own customer’s payment journey, often negating the need for multiple contracts.


We’re delighted to partner with a range of eCommerce solution plugins who provide services across different software that help other businesses streamline their processes.

Shopping carts

Bambora partner with leading shopping carts like Magento 1, Magento 2, NitroSell and Woocommerce.


Our consultant partners range from developers, cutting edge software like Xero, digital agencies building websites and mobile solutions and speciality independent professional services.


POS systems across a range of different industries, management software, IT solution providers and franchise software developers are just some of our platform partners!


Adding Bambora payment acceptance into your platform means your merchants can enjoy a smarter payment experience that’s quick to implement, easy to use and completely secure.

Bambora offer many benefits: simple integration, custom checkout and superior payment facilitation capabilities.

1. Earn and grow

Facilitating payments through your software via Bambora’s payment acceptance lets you earn revenue upfront and plan for ongoing revenue. Bambora offer a competitive, transparent and flexible fee structure that can be marked up to earn commission.

2. Generate new sales leads

Get your business discovered and market your services more effectively through Bambora’s payment integration. Being part of our network will enable you to leverage our recognised brand and payment processing reputation.

3. Quick integration

Adding payments into your software used to be a complex task. Bambora’s APIs means you can get going quickly, easily and securely.

4. Easy onboarding API

Onboard new merchant customers via Bambora’s API or through our completely customisable online application which will reflect your brand.

5. Promote your brand

Accelerate your go-to-market strategy with co-branded collateral and preserve your brand throughout the onboarding process

6. Local support team

We understand the perils and pitfalls of waiting for technical assistance. Our developers and support team are on hand to give expert support whenever you need it.

7. PCI compliance

Bambora are fully PCI compliant and we’ll help you process payments without ever handling sensitive card data.


Bambora Custom Checkout

With all the high-performance features and add-ons that make accepting payments simple, Checkout is perfect for those that need a straight-forward, high conversion payment experience.

  • Easy Mobile SDK integration: This allows you to accept in-app and mobile payments.
  • Accept Visa and MasterCard: You’ll be able to accept the two major credit cards.
  • ‘Save my Card’ functionality: This feature tokenises customer card data to encourage repeat purchase.
  • Boost eCommerce with a Shopping Cart plugin: Bambora integrates with Woocommerce, Magento and NitroSell.
  • Superior payment management: This allows you to authorise, capture, purchase, refund and batch payments.
  • Manage chargebacks: This makes it easier to understand and mitigate potential chargebacks
  • Direct Debit: Enjoy a reliable, well-forecasted revenue stream.

Setting you up for success

Benefit from our consultative approach to partnerships and leverage Bambora’s cost-effective digital channels to lower your cost of acquisition.

New revenue streams

Generate new leads made through joint marketing campaigns, leveraging Social Media and Search. We’ll work with your sales team to optimise your pre-sales support to uplift conversion and shorten lead to live time.

Recurring billing capability

There are many advantages recurring payments. The costs of recurring payments are generally much lower than one-off transaction processing and you’ll deal with fewer chargebacks than credit cards.

Recurring payments are typically processed in batches (what we call this batch processing). And if the customer has insufficient funds, it will take you longer to get this sorted out. Depending on the kind of services you offer, a set-and-forget automated approach to payments can really streamline your cash inflow.

Manage your reporting

As a Bambora partner, you will be able to sync up your business’ internal reporting tools with our payment acceptance capability to produce your own transaction reporting.


Step 1: Get in touch & team up!

You can integrate directly into our platform or you can refer your clients to us to get started.

Step 2: Choose how you want to earn

Once you’re signed on, we’ll send you a list of buy rates that you can choose from, and you can pick depending on how your business operates.

Step 3: Onboard customers

We’ll move your customers through the application process seamlessly and handle the review, verification and account set-up.

Step 4: Start earning

As your customers process payments, you’ll earn revenue. And you can choose how to collect with our different settlement options, net or gross.

If you’re interested in teaming up and becoming a Bambora Partner, or are keen to find out more about the Bambora Partner Programme, please don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our friendly sales team.

About the author

Victoria Galloway is Bambora APAC's Technical Copywriter, and has been writing and producing in the payments and eCommerce space for a number of years, both in the UK and Australia.