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Integrations for Your eCommerce Store


1 November 2017

Victoria Galloway

5 minute read

Four easy integrations for your eCommerce store.

Simplicity is everything.

So is having a fast, sophisticated Checkout that is easily implement and promotes business growth by converting today’s channel hopper shopper.

The boom in connectivity that we’ve seen in recent years has transformed the way consumers gather information and how they shop – which has directly impacted the payments experience from the ground up as businesses everywhere from pop-ups to multimillion dollar organisations seek solutions that capture customers over web, mobile, desktop and app.

As online shopping continues to boom (Australians spent over $26 billion online so far in 2017), how do you create an exceptional Checkout with the capability to provide consumers with the seamless payment experience they’ve come to expect from today’s online businesses?

It all starts right at the beginning at the integration phase.

We’ve packaged up our different integrations into simple-to-implement methods so you can start taking payments quickly, efficiently and securely right here, right now.

1. Checkout solution

The Checkout is perfect for businesses who want a simple, straight-forward payment experience. Checkout works out-of-the box with Australia's most popular eCommerce platforms, ensures high conversion, and encourages returning customers. There are two integration options:


Our Standalone solution is a Checkout page that’s hosted on an off-site URL.


Our Integrated solution embeds the Checkout into your website, triggered and opened within an iFrame or through our API, and provides an interactive experience, allowing full control over the Checkout. Bambora Advance customers can customise these pages in alignment with their brand.

Top 4 benefits of easy checkout:

1. Your favourite payment methods

Let your customers decide how they want to pay by accepting all major credit and debit card types, and also alternative payment methods like digital wallets.

2. Seamless integration

Ready-made modules available for the biggest eCommerce platforms such as Magento, Woocommerce and Shopify.

3. High conversion in all channels

Device agnostic, Checkout is optimised for both mobile and desktop plus there’s card registration to simplify the process for recurring payments, ensuring highest possible conversion.

4. Bambora Reports

Bambora Reports lets you have an excellent overview of your transactions and payouts. You get great looking dashboards for quick insights, access to a variety of reports and you are given full control of every payment transaction.

2. Custom integration (payments API)

Our custom API Checkout solution is geared towards the developer crowd – people who know their TCPs from their IPs – as it enables full customisation, giving you full control of your end-to-end Checkout experience.

How does it work? In a nutshell (bear with, non-techy folk), it employs the following logic to process online payments:

  • A remote application connects and authenticates with Bambora’s server
  • The transaction data is passed to the API in a SOAP request with a number of parameters required for processing
  • Bambora carry out the action required for the API request and transactional data is logged to the Bambora database
  • The API responds with result data to the remote application
  • Transaction results are returned in real-time via the API

Our API offers businesses of all shapes and sizes a very flexible approach to taking payments across multiple channels as it offers the ability to process online, real-time transactions via a simple-to-use, user-friendly interface.


Our Developer Portal features guides and technical documentation to ensure that you or your developer will get going in no time. Head over and take a look.

3. Shopping cart integration

The advantages of integrating with a shopping cart are multiple and if you’re a multi-product eCommerce site, operating without a shopping cart is courting a rather tricky situation.

Shopping carts adds a great deal of complexity to your website’s eCommerce functionality, allowing customers to do things like save their carts for later, increase and decrease items without deleting the entire order and tracking shipment. You can store physical data, too, like warehouse logistics and add layers of product management to your service. Bambora currently supports the following shopping cart integrations: Shopify, NitroSell, Woocommerce and Magento.

We make it easy for you as an online merchant to use any one of our shopping cart integrations. If you’re unsure which one would suit your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the Bambora team who will walk you through the integrations and functionality.

If you know your Shopify from your Woocommerce and have made a decision, all you have to do is create an account with Bambora, and once your account is created you are granted access to Bambora Backoffice, our reporting and insights tool. It’s then up to you or your developer to start configuring your shopping cart, the details of which are in our Developer Portal.

4. iOS and Android Mobile SDK integration

It’s 2017 so giving customers the option to shop through a mobile app is a no brainer.

Our Mobile SDK solution makes light work of an otherwise complex task. The SDK sits between your mobile app and the Bambora backend systems and offers an array of functions that will enable your customers to pay through your app.

The integration offers a secure solution that will allow you to capture and transmit credit card data without adding additional PCI scope to your business as payments will be tokenised, adding an extra layer of security.

Functionality offered:

  • Available for both iOS and Android operating systems
  • Ability to pay using a token (i.e. a tokenised credit card). This use case applies to a registered customer who can save card details for future use

Keen to get started? Get in touch with one of our support team today who can walk you through what type of integration would suit your business.

About the author

Victoria Galloway is Bambora APAC's Technical Copywriter, and has been writing and producing in the payments and eCommerce space for a number of years, both in the UK and Australia.