Omnichannel & Personalisation: Appealing to Consumers With no Clear Shopping Pattern

We live in an age of Big Data. But tracking, predicting and understanding buyer behaviour to meet customer expectations can feel like an uphill struggle for many businesses. With shoppers jumping from one channel to another, how do you appeal to customers with no clear shopping pattern? It comes down to two points: personalisation and omnichannel.

Payments Landscape in Australia: Trends and Opportunities

From real-time payments with the NPP to the rise of the digital wallet, the payments landscape in Australia has been buzzing with activity in recent months. Bambora’s mid-year snapshot captures the changes that are coming and payment trends that will impact your business. Read now to learn more.

How UX Design Can Help Your Business Grow.

How can you optimise UX to help customers navigate all the way to the checkout page? As daily business interactions shift online, creating a seamless user experience can improve conversion rates and drive customer retention. Learn more about how good UX design on your website is also good for your bottomline.

What WeChat’s Success Tells Us About the Future of Omnichannel

An integrated online browser, direct interactions with brands, integrated social media platform, geotagging options, and a payment app - WeChat has everything it takes to create an omnichannel experience. Learn about how brands are using WeChat to gain customers, accept payments and grow sales.

Fight Online Payment Fraud Without Compromising Your Checkout

There’s plenty of conversation about the changing shape of payments, but as how we shop and pay continues to shift, so does the fraud landscape. Fraud has become more sophisticated and remaining a few steps ahead of fraudsters – offline and online – can feel daunting. But there’s a lot at stake

Will Credit Cards become Obsolete as Digital Wallets Rise?

Around the world, buyers have been quick to adopt alternative payment methods enticed mainly their by safety and convenience. In light of this trend, it’s natural for merchants to start wondering, “Will credit cards become obsolete?”. The short answer is, yes, but not so soon. Learn more here!

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