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Payment & Billing for Utility providers.


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Direct Debit

Subscription Billing

Contact Centre solutions

The Australian utility industry is made up of complex network infrastructures, delivering a wide range of services including water, gas and electricity. We focus on how you can effectively bill customers with a wide range of payment options, encouraging retention and cost control.

Provide an exceptional checkout experience.


  • Tokenisation
  • Mobile SDK
  • IVR solution

Enabling recurring and subscription payments, tokenising payment card data ensures a fast, secure checkout experience.

Paying on the go is fast becoming the norm as users become used to settling bills wherever they want.

Interactive Voice Recognition: Our automated telephony system interacts with callers, providing a simple billing solution for your customers who want to pay over the phone.

How we help Utility providers grow.


Quick file transfer

Reconcile payments quickly and securely by importing authorised files consisting of multiple payment details from designated accounts.

Manage multiple channels

Customers want to pay their way. Offering multiple payment options has a host of benefits when you need to cater to a wide demographic. Effectively manage your payment channels with Bambora.

Reduce costs

Cut out manual admin tasks and streamline your billing services.

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