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Easy government & community payments.


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Contact Centre solutions

Recurring payments

Whether your government agency or council has simple or quite complex payment systems, we can ensure that you're offering a seamless experience to your different communities and demographics. Learn how we help government organisations provide payment solutions for multiple users.

Change management: payment strategies


Call Centre payments
  • Call Centre payments
  • Easy online payments
  • Cross-channel payments

We understand that encouraging customers to make the switch to online payments is key to long-term strategy. In the meantime, we provide our customers with a secure and dynamic Call Centre solution that uses Audio Tokenisation to process recurring customer payments to cater for customers who wish to pay over the phone.

Encourage customers to pay online by offering easy and multiple ways to pay. Customers can pay whenever they want, however they want with our on-the-go web and mobile solutions.

Support offline and online ways to pay. Facilitate payment acceptance through a variety of channels to make your user's lives easier, whether they are paying taxes, fines, fees, tickets, tuition or otherwise.

How we help government organisations grow


Custom Checkout

Fully customisable, Bambora's Custom Checkout makes it possible for your users to pay conveniently and securely while you can reflect the look and feel of your organisation.

Direct Debit

One of the safest and most reassuring ways for your customers to pay their bills, Direct Debit payments are automatic so bills are never forgotten or lost in the post.

Accept digital wallets

Offer convenience as standard. Enable users to pay via their preferred payment method with built-in security like biometrics and secure password and locking.

Easy hosted payment pages

Sometimes you've got to get going quickly! If you need a quick-to-integrate payment page for a campaign or similar, a hosted payment page that comes with checkout design and built-in fraud protection means you can get campaign work off the ground in no time.

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